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Student Surveys


The WE LEARN™ STUDENT survey helps school leaders assess how students perceive the quality of instruction and the learning environment of the school. 

  • Do students believe classroom instruction is both rigorous and relevant?
  • Do they think learning is fun and exciting?
  • Do they feel challenged and supported?

Key Focus Area:  Survey items measure rigor, relevance, relationships and leadership.


Sample items for grades 3-5:

  • I work hard at school.
  • I learn something new every day.
  • My teacher sees me as a leader.

Sample items for grades 6-12:

  • This school has high expectations for all students.
  • My teachers know my academic interests and goals.

The WE LEARN™ and WE TEACH™ surveys can be administered independently or used in tandem so student and teacher perceptions can be compared and gaps identified.


Surveys may be administered online or on paper.


The individual school price for the WE LEARN™ STUDENT Survey is $1,100 for 500 students and $1.00 for each additional student.

Would you like to administer the surveys throughout your district? Contact SPN for a quote.  


For information, please contact Jackie Gonyo at or 518-723-2063