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SPN Collaborating Online for Rigor and Relevance is CORR

  • An online learning system created by the Successful Practices Network
  • An effective and efficient way for school leaders to build common understanding around Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships
  • An approach to learning that creates opportunities for teacher leaders to form study groups around R/R/R content
  • An effective and efficient way for schools to sustain continuous improvement after “in service” professional development
  • An online learning environment that allows participants to learn where and when they want 
  • Courses available for graduate credit
More about CORR:
The Successful Practices Network has developed an online learning system that helps teachers build rigor, relevance and relationships into their classrooms effectively and efficiently.  We call it “Collaborating Online for Rigor and Relevance” or CORR.
Collaborating Online for Rigor and Relevance (CORR) are high quality, standards-based graduate-level courses. Each course offers teachers the professional development opportunities they need in an accessible online format that makes learning fun, flexible and collaborative. Teachers can earn graduate credit, PDPs, or CEUs while learning strategies and resources to bring directly into the classroom.
In 2010- 2011 school year, the Successful Practices Network released an all new CORR. The CORR has four courses built using the same instructional path – Connect, Explore, Share, Develop, and Apply. We have added new resources such as video; new online technology tools; and updated the system to take advantage of the latest online learning software.
  • For people who have not taken any CORR classes, please see the CORR Matrix for an overview of the topics covered.
  • For experienced CORR users, you will find one brand new course designed especially for beginning a school year ready for improving Rigor, Relevance and Relationships in your classroom. The other CORR courses are reorganized to be accessible in smaller chunks called “modules” to encourage ongoing development.
5 Modules to Every CORR Course
Each course follows the same instructional path. This slide shows how participants progress in each module. Modules have simple formative assessments for participants to check their understanding at key points in the learning. Additional resources are available in modules for extended learning.
For more information on CORR please call the Successful Practices Network at (518) 723-2063. 
To be enrolled in CORR please contact SPN or your school's coach. 
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