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21 April, 201121 April, 2011
Folder: White Papers
Grade Level: All (K-12)
There is a great scene in the movie BraveHeart where William Wallace, played by Mel Gibson, addresses the troops prior to a battle with the English army. After he delivers his moving call to arms he returns to the ranks and his fellow soldier looks at him and says “Nice speech, now what do we do?”

Similarly, audiences who listen to my keynote on brain health typically wish to apply the content of the message to their own lives and to their organizations ask “Now what do we do?” Certainly, there are lifestyle changes an individual can make to begin his or her personal journey to a healthier brain, though behavior change is hard and should not be undervalued. However, how can the culture of a school be transformed into a brain health center or environment? The following describes a blueprint for the development of a brain health setting that provides the necessary enriched environment filled with the novel and complex. It attempts to answer the question, “Now what do we do?”