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The Successful Practices Network was created to be a living lab for schools to exchange research, ideas, best practices, and professional development resources. SPN Research has two primary missions: 1) to disseminate the most useful education research available that is consistent with the organizing pedagogy of Rigor and Relevance for ALL students to SPN members 2) to engage in research with a variety of partner schools, organizations, and foundations in effective instructional and leadership practices that can be replicated and implemented on a larger scale. SPN has recently partnered with two Texas education leaders to better understand the effective and efficient practices that are possible with an aligned near real time data system. SPN Research also partnered with CCSSO, the International Center for Leadership in Education, and the Quaglia Institute on a five-year study of model schools and promising schools that sought to improve the rigor, relevance and relationships in their schools. SPN research is informed by the data generated by the WE Surveys. This analysis guides development of new initiatives and resources for members. SPN members access a deep collection of research articles and links through a searchable database that is organized by school level, topic, and keywords. Members can download as much of this research as they want as part of their membership.



  • A wide range of research sources are sifted and organized for members around topics of interest to SPN members
  • Research is selected for its practical application and usefulness to school practitioners
  • Research is connected to other resources accessible on the website through a common “Topic” database
  • Members can rate and identify research that is helpful. SPN monitors access rates to better understand which research members seek out and use.
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Featured Research
Public Resource 12 March, 201112 March, 2011
Folder: Effective and Efficient
This research report written by Bill Daggett, SPN's Doug Silver, Dr. Jimmy Byrd, and Dr. Cindy WIlliams provides a model of how effective and efficient are not mutually exclusive. This paper describes the rationale and context for work in support of the El Paso ISD's effort to become more effective and efficient through a real time data analysis. The focus of this work is on efficient prevention rather than expensive intervention in assisting schools’ existing efforts and identifying poten...Read more
Public Resource 25 August, 201025 August, 2010
Folder: Adult Education
Nearly a decade ago, No Child Left Behind (NCLB) presented states with a daunting mix of challenges that supported the creation of statewide standards and assessments and rigorous accountability requirements. Yet, as a nation, the United States still lags behind other countries in student academic achievement and in preparing its young people to succeed beyond the classroom. In 2014, the U.S. Department of Education expects the gap between American students and students from top performing co...Read more
Public Resource 22 November, 201122 November, 2011
Folder: Adult Education
As schools and districts work to improve student learning outcomes, demand has grown for information on efforts to promote formative assessment and strategies that support its implementation. Formative assessment has been defined by a national group of education leaders and researchers as an ongoing instructional process rather than a discrete event. Using formative assessment, teachers collect feedback daily and systematically with students to inform adjustments to instruction to help studen...Read more
Public Resource 17 May, 201117 May, 2011
Folder: White Papers
For decades, General Motors was the heart of the American economy. Then in early 2009, the one-time market leader in the automobile industry found itself on the brink of insolvency. More recently, GM has been in the news once again, this time touting its back-on-its feet strategy. Our K-12 education system could learn a few lessons from the business dynasty’s failures, and more importantly, from the savvier overseas car companies that nearly put it out of business.
Public Resource 9 September, 20119 September, 2011
Folder: White Papers
Converging Challenges

As Western nations struggle to recover their economic equilibriums after the financial crisis of 2008, China and India are leveraging their size and human capital to become global economic powerhouses. Emerging economies such as Vietnam, Argentina, Brazil, Indonesia, and Panama are increasingly capable of winning greater shares of international business. The ability to compete in the interconnected global economy is primarily leveraged by technical innovation and a hi...Read more
Public Resource 10 January, 201310 January, 2013
Folder: Teacher Effectiveness
This overview identifies nine principles for using measures of effective teaching. This report is part of the ongoing MET project from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The MET project is a research partnership of academics, teachers, and education organizations committed to investigating better ways to identify and develop effective teaching.
Model School
Public Resource 30 September, 201130 September, 2011
Folder: Leadership
A Research Partnership of the Successful Practices Network, the Council of Chief State School Officers, the International Center for Leadership in Education, and the Quaglia Institute. Funded by the generous support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This report describes the results of five years of research SPN led in 75 schools in 10 states. The factors that emerged from this research has contributed to a national understanding of what distinguishes model schools. This report feat...Read more
13 February, 201213 February, 2012
Folder: Adult Education
In this report published by the Center for American Progress, the authors give a summary view of where we are with the link between our teacher evaluation and teacher improvement systems. The authors also explore the current issues that PD can address and the challenges to successful improvement models. A high level review of relevant research is part of this report. A very informative and helpful report for all school leaders at all levels.
11 April, 201111 April, 2011
Folder: Adult Education
This REL Northwest study, Student-Reported Overt and Relational Aggression and Victimization in Grades 3–8, examined aggression, victimization, and approval of aggression among elementary and middle grades students in two Oregon counties. Data for the study were collected in 2005 through surveys; participation was voluntary. Students reported on beliefs about aggression, how frequently they were the victims or the perpetrators of either overt aggression (verbal and physically aggressive beh...Read more
9 April, 20129 April, 2012
Folder: Adult Education
This Policy Brief focuses on the nature and effectiveness of these plans. The authors first provide generic descriptions of three types of plans, followed by a synthesis of research results on their effectiveness. A set of guidelines for effective practice is then provided to help states and districts embarking on these forms of performance pay. The authors conclude with a look ahead at recent developments in performance pay plans and other deviations from the traditional teacher salary sche...Read more

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